Campaign Signs for Sheriff Campaigns

Sheriff Campaign SignsCampaign yard signs are often the main advertisement medium that voters see during an election for sheriff. Name recognition is a high priority for all law enforcement candidates. Political lawn signs are very effective if used properly.

A successful sign placement strategy is important to ensure that the money spent has an impact on voters. Sheriff campaigns often struggle with the type of sign to purchase. There are basically three types of yard signs: plastic bag, corrugated plastic, and double-sided cardboard.

Plastic or Poly-bag Signs are affordable, cheap and easy to ship. They are plastic sleeves that can be slipped over U-shaped wires. They are not very durable and tend to sag over time. They do not work well as wall signs.

Corrugated Plastic Signs are often used by campaigns. They hold up well through bad weather and are easy to handle. They last a long time, so they can be cost-effective if they are used over multiple elections. They tend to be somewhat more expensive than other types of signs.

Double-Sided Cardboard Signs come in all shapes and sizes. They are double-sided and are stapled or glued to their metal or wooden frames. They can also double as wall signs. However, they don’t hold up as well in rough weather as plastic signs. They work for just a single election.

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Selecting the right yard signs for your sheriff campaign should be determined by your priorities such as price, quantity and re-usability. Many political sign vendors provide templates or allow you to use your existing campaign logo.

If you are running for county sheriff, it’s a good idea to get your campaign materials together early. Besides election signs and political yard signs, your campaign may also need other products such as large banners, campaign bumper stickers, lapel stickers and more.

As a final note, municipalities have their own rules regarding campaign signage, including their size and placement. For example, most areas require that signs be placed at least ten feet from a road. Some homeowner’s associations also have rules and limitations concerning political signs.

As a candidate for sheriff, it would be kind of embarrassing if your campaign didn’t follow the law!