Sheriff Campaign Slogans

Strategy for electionA good slogan for your sheriff campaign sets the tone and focus of your campaign. They are useful for building identification. If you decide to use a campaign slogan, you should keep it throughout the entire election.

Your slogan should connect voter concerns in a way that’s succinct and to the point.

Here are some sheriff candidate slogan examples:

  • Honesty, Integrity and Experience
  • Your Safety First
  • Community Changes Everything
  • The New Sheriff In Town
  • New Leadership For A Safe [Location]
  • Keep [Location] Safe…
  • Character That Counts
  • To Protect and Serve (Not very original…)
  • Leaders We Trust
  • A Sheriff For All
  • Accountable to the Citizens
  • Proven Record Of Excellence
  • More Service, Less Politics
  • Community, Integrity, Commitment
  • Courage. Character. Community
  • Experienced, Dependable, Fair.
  • A Sheriff You Can Trust
  • Proven Experience, Committed To The Community
  • Protecting What YOU Value Most
  • Cleaning Up Our Town
  • More Slogans for Sheriff

Sheriff Campaign Slogan Tips

Slogans for sheriff and law enforcement candidates usually focus on reminding voters of the candidate’s personal character or strengths. Safety and community are frequent subjects for a slogan and an overall election platform.

Once you’ve chosen a campaign tagline, be sure to use in your online and print advertising. Between your logo and slogan, you can create a brand for the voters.