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Sheriff Brochure Templates

Canva Sheriff Design Templates

Attractive graphic design and sheriff campaigns go hand-in-hand. Good designs are needed for everything from websites to social media posts to print materials.

If you don’t have a designer handy (or can afford one) for your graphic and print needs, then you may a problem.

One way to get a head start on your campaign’s graphic needs is with designed-for-you Canva templates.

Canva templates are easy to edit use – even if you don’t have any graphic design experience.

What is Canva?

Canva is an easy to use online graphic design tool. It offers offers drag-and-drop functionality, along with a huge library of stock images, graphics and fonts. Even if you are novice and never used a graphic design program, you still create great-looking graphics for web and print. You can easily change colors, fonts, and add your own images.

Canva offers a variety of content types. From pre-sized social media images to marketing materials such as brochures, postcards, invitations and ads, you’ll find almost everything you need.

Canva is free and provides plenty of great design features. Canva Pro [aff] unlocks a number of additional time-saving features. Canva Print makes it easy for you to have your designs professionally printed and delivered to you.

Sheriff Print Templates for Canva

How to get your free political Canva templates

Create an account with Canva. The free version is enough for most solo users. However, there are many feature advantages with the Pro account

Log into your Online Candidate website administration and check the Marketing tab in the top menu. The free Social Media Templates are also available through OnlineCandidateResources.com. The login information is located in your website administration dashboard. (Not an Online Candidate client? Check out our campaign website packages.)

Instructions: Click on the links to open the templates. You should be brought to a page for each template that looks something like this:

Canva Templates

The page displays a template preview along with a button that says “Use Template“. Simply click that button to start editing the template.

From there, you can edit any or all elements, add your logo and make it your own. You can download your image as a jpg, png or PDF or share your image directly to your social media accounts.

We also carry  Premium Sheriff Templates for brochures, flyers, postcards and more.


Not an Online Candidate client yet? Check out our campaign website packages and features.

Note: These templates are not affiliated with Canva in any official way.

Creating Your Sheriff Campaign Logo

Sheriff Campaign Logo DesignOnce it is designed, your sheriff campaign logo becomes the lynchpin of your campaign’s overall branding. Your logo will appear on yard signs, brochures, direct mailings, palm cards and all of your other campaign advertising.

A poorly-designed logo will keep voters from taking a political candidate seriously. A good campaign logo is simple and only includes important elements, such as the candidate’s name and the elected office that they seek. Political logos with too many colors or busy design elements can be confusing or difficult to read.

Of course, adding a badge graphic into a sheriff logo is pretty standard. Unlike most other political logos, a sheriff logo with a badge incorporated into it quickly tells a voter exactly what position the candidate is running for.

Ripping off another campaign’s logo is never a good idea. It can raise accusations of plagiarism. While  political logos share many conventions, don’t freely borrow design elements from your opponent or anyone else running locally.

Sheriff Logo Design Tips

  • Keep your design simple. Many candidates for sheriff or any law enforcement position tend to use a serif font. Script lettering is more difficult read and it may not translate well to print or to signage. If you add additional elements, such as a badge or star, keep it subtle and try to have it integrate into the overall look.
  • Limit your colors. Law enforcement candidates tend to go with black and white or blue and black. The position of sheriff lends itself well to stark contrast. Odd colors may get attention but may also distract from the messaging.
  • Know the rules. There may be local rules or laws that prohibit what can or cannot appear on your signage. There may be restrictions on certain image elements and wording. Be sure to know the current rules so you don’t run into problems later in the campaign.
  • Keep the look consistent. Once you have a logo and you have put it to use, don’t change it later! Much of your voter branding is tied into in your logo design and colors. If you change it midway through your campaign, you’ll a lot of that branded connection.

Who Can Design Your Logo?

Some campaigns often hire a professional designer. Sometimes a volunteer will create the logo for them. A local print shop may create a design when the campaign produces their first print piece.

Regardless of who designs the logo, you will need a high-resolution version of it for print and large signs. Low-resolution files are fine for the web, but jpg files do not render well in offline promotion. Without a high-res file, you may need to recreate the design – and that may be difficult to do.

Sheriff Political Logo Templates

Online Candidate carries a large number of sheriff logo templates. These files are in PSD and AI formats, designed for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Here are some sample sheriff logos.

Sheriff Logo – Gold Star Theme

Sheriff Logo – Gold Star Theme

Sheriff Logo – Gold Star Theme

See the full logo design gallery and political logo templates.

Online Candidate’s political web design packages include a custom header, logo, and color design. A high-res version of your logo can also be provided for print and sign use.